Atos is a French multinational IT services company based in Bezons, France and offices worldwide. He specializes in hi-tech transaction services, unified communications, cloud, large data and cyber services. Atos operates worldwide at Atos, Atos-Syntel, Atos Consulting, Atos Healthcare, Atos Worldgrid, Bull, Canopy, Unify and Worldline.

The company was founded in 1997 by merging two French IT companies; and in combination with the Dutch company Origin B.V. in 2000 became Atos Origin. Subsequently, she won KPMG Consulting in 2002 and SchlumbergerSema in 2004.

In 2010, Atos Origin announced the acquisition of Siemens IT Solutions and Services and completed the acquisition in July 2011. After that, the company returned to Atos.

In April 2018, Atos worked with Google Cloud to help offer secure artificial intelligence solutions.

In 1996 the origin of B.V. after the merger of the Dutch company BSO and the Philips C&P (Communications & Processing) division, while a year later in 1997, Atos was formed after the merger of the French companies Axime and Sligos. In 2001, Atos Origin sold its Nordic WM-data operations. In 2002, she made a significant acquisition by purchasing KPMG Consulting in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Then, in 2004, SchlumbergerSema, the IT services division of Schlumberger, acquired the ITELLIUM infrastructure division, a subsidiary of KarstadtQuelle.

At the same time (2004) the company created a new subsidiary Atos Worldline and renamed its consulting services to Atos Consulting. Also in 2004, Atos Origin of Australia, originating from Philips, was sold to Fujitsu. In 2005, Atos Origin sold its activities in the Nordic region, which became part of the company by acquiring Sema Group, based on WM-data, while in 2006 Atos Origin sold its operations in the Middle East to local management.

In October 2007, Philippe Germond replaced Bernard Bourigeau, long-time CEO. Two shareholders, hedge funds Centaurus Capital and Pardus Capital, sought to gain control of the company through the Supervisory Board. The meeting room ended in November 2008 when Thierry Breton was replaced by Philippe Germond as chairman and CEO.

In August 2010, Atos Origin acquired the Indian payment company Venture Infotek.

In December 2010, Atos Origin agreed to acquire Siemens’ IT Solutions and Services subsidiary for € 850 million. As part of this transaction, Siemens agreed to have a 15% stake in the expanded Atos, which will be held for at least five years.

In July 2011, after completing the acquisition of Siemens, the company dropped the “Origin” extension of its name.

In November 2011, Atos and Ufida International Holdings, a software service provider, created a joint venture with Yunano. Both companies invested EUR 5.7 million. Atos has 70 percent and UFIDA has 30 percent. The joint venture has its headquarters in Bezons, France, in the suburbs of Paris. In 2012 Atos announced the establishment of a new company called Canopy.The CEO is Philippe Llorens. In 2011, Atos introduced the Zero Email Initiative, which prohibits email as a form of internal communication, with the exception of use with customers and prospects. As part of this initiative, Atos, in early 2012, acquired the French software company blueKiwi, which introduced its ZEN social networking software within its organization.

In August 2014, Atos announced that it had acquired a controlling interest in Bull SA through a tender launched in May. In October, Atos announced plans to purchase Bull’s remaining stake and bond holders.

On December 19, 2014, Atos announced the acquisition of Xerox IT Outsourcing for $ 1,050,000,000, which is three times the size of North American business. The unit created USD 376,000,000 in the third quarter of 2014, has 9,800 employees and operates in 45 countries. The transaction ended on 30 June 2015.